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A Visit to Kinshasa for the Connexion Kin Festival

July 22, 2015 Uncategorized


TACAC members Philip Bither McGuire (Walker Art Center) and Angela Mattox (Portland Institute of Contemporary Art) are travelling to Kinshasa, the Capital of Democratic Republic of the Congo, to experience the Connexion Kin Festival. Also joining Philip and Angela is dancer, educator, and cultural artist, Kenna Cottman.

Due to the generous support of the Ford Foundation, in the next two years, TACAC is opening up their process even further to include cohorts of U.S. artists, TACAC members, and other colleagues in the field to travel and experience together cultural encounters that further encourage curiosity and a deep desire for cross-cultural conversations that connect us globally and offer human to human connection.

Cathy Zimmerman of MAPP International, who was in Kinshasa 5 years ago, says “it was a deeply transforming experience… it is also a very intense and sometimes overwhelming experience.”

Stay tuned to hear more about the current teams’ journey in Kinshasa!

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