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The Africa Contemporary Arts Consortium (TACAC) is a landmark program designed to initiate, develop and sustain a dynamic exchange of arts and ideas between artists, arts organizations and public communities throughout the United States and the African continent. Founded in 2004, TACAC aims to infuse our common understanding of “international cultural exchange” with the depth of experience that grows from curiosity, conversation, learning and change. With a shared vision of respectful, sustainable relationships, the members of TACAC – ten U.S. organizations and eight African partners- seek to advance international dialogue not only in the performing arts field but with the general public on both continents, demonstrating that true cultural exchange is not only possible but immensely rewarding and potentially transformational for all involved.

To date, U.S. member organizations of TACAC have:

• Hosted African artists in 27 creative residencies, giving them time in and exposure to the U.S. performing arts field.

• Sponsored 28 U.S. and North American tours by contemporary African artists, introducing audiences to their work through performances, workshops, interviews, lectures, etc.

• Conducted 31 research trips to 21 countries in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, so that U.S. arts presenters can witness firsthand the creativity of African artists and hear about their needs and challenges.

• Supported 6 U.S. artists to travel to Africa for research and artistic exchange.

• Created, commissioned, and supported 9 films and essays that effectively introduce and provide context for these artists’ innovative practices to audiences, students and others.

• Presented 14 reports to the performing arts presenting field in North America and Europe

• Published Building Enduring Partnerships: A Report to the Field, a history of the Consortium’s first eight years.

• Raised $865,000 for infrastructure and programming, and collectively invested more than $3 million of member resources in Consortium activities

Consortium Meeting, Nairobi 2010. Image: Philip Bither

Consortium Meeting, Nairobi 2010. Image: Philip Bither

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