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New York City based lighting designer, Carrie Wood, reflects on her experience in Nairobi with Opiyo Okach

December 8, 2014 Uncategorized

New York City based lighting designer, Carrie Wood, pairs up with Opiyo Okach, the Ga’ara Arts Projects Performance Lab initiative for an intensive two-week creative exchange in Nairobi, Kenya to create a fresh lighting design for one of Okach and Ga’aara upcoming performance pieces. Read Carrie’s reflections on her experience below.

“From my first working day in Nairobi, I knew it was going to be unlike anything I have ever been a part of.

….after each exercise, there was a lot of discussion and feedback that I was invited to be a part of. As a lighting designer I am so used to being an observer of rehearsals and get to have lots of discussions with the choreographer but rarely do I get to site with the group and talk at length about what we just saw.”

Opiyo works so heavily in improvisation and while I have worked with choreographers that use this as a big element of their work, I have never been able to sit in on the process of this kind of work, so it was quite enlightening and made reflected on previous work I have been a part of in a very different way”

I felt and still feel so honored to have been asked to join Opiyo in Kenya. I think it’s really important to involve lighting designers in this way. Opiyo and I really got along, and I am certain we will do more in the future…. This experience is one that I will never forget, and I hope something like this will get to happen again. Everyone was warm, welcoming, and present in a way that I have tried to hold onto in my daily life back in NYC”


Photos from the artist exchange below:

IMG_3481 IMG_3148 IMG_3219 IMG_3431 IMG_3444

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