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TACAC Receives Grant from Ford Foundation

June 3, 2015 Uncategorized

We are thrilled to announce that MAPP just received a grant award of $200,000 from the Ford Foundation!

These funds will be paid over 2 years and will be used to sustain and grow the efforts of The Africa Contemporary Art Consortium – the international partnership of arts organizations managed by MAPP International Productions. TACAC is committed to connecting contemporary performing artists from the African continent with artists, audiences, and presenters in the United States.

The consortium recently held a meeting in Los Angeles that coincided with a TACAC-supported international symposium produced by consortium member University of Southern California entitled Engaging Community: Pathways to Social Change Through Art. At the symposium, two leading contemporary artists from Africa, Panaibra Gabiel Canda (Mozambique) and Qudus Oneikeku (Nigeria), spoke about their lives and the roles of art and community in their homes. We look forward to expanding the consortium’s activities with the help of these funds.

Thank you to the Ford Foundation for their generous and timely contribution!

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